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What are the Different Kinds of Dog Fences?

When searching for the best best invisible dog fence, you will find different kinds and styles. It depends on what size you are looking for, the quality of the materials, and the capability to hold your dog.

If you plan to buy automatic dog door, you must search from different sources. Ask some friends if they have an idea about dog fences. You can also search from the internet for more information.

These fences will help your dog stay away from harm. It can also protect your neighbours from them, or the passersby in your lawn.

There are different kinds of dog fences you can choose from:

Wood Fences

These fences are usually the basic fence you can see everywhere. It is the easiest fence that you can install. You just have to find a good quality of wood for your materials. Your wood fence must be at least 5ft. in height. This will protect your dog from jumping on the other side. The advantage of this is that it is not expensive, especially when you have already the materials you are looking for. But the advantage of it is that your whole lawn will be cover by the fence. You also need to check the wood at least twice a month to make sure that it will not break easily. To avoid it from rot.

Snow Dog Fences

This fence must have the quality materials that can stayed for a long period of time, especially when there is a snow. Usually snow dog fence are made up with woods. Sometimes they are made up of metals, which can absorb wetness. These fences can also be at least 5ft. in height. This will also protect your dogs.

Metal Wire fences

This fence is quite expensive, because they are made up of metals with small wires. It is very durable and long lasting. This will hold your dogs, even the big ones. You can put those wires in the four corners of your front yard or back yard.

Split Bars Fences

It is made up also of wood but the difference is it is not advisable to use as an electric dog fence. Because this wood has a split bar which your dog can go through. And to solve your problem, you can use a small wire and put it on the split bars so that they cannot pass by.

Detecting fences

This is very expensive. It is a kind of an underground dog fence wire which can detect your dog if they are in the said boundaries. The gadget being use is can be put underground. This device will detect your dog by the use of the collars attach to them. These collars will beep if the dog is outside the boundaries.

These different kinds of fences will surely give you an idea what kind of fence you like to put in your front yard and back yard.

Photo by Aaron Bookout on Unsplash