Target Shooting Dog Park

Are you looking for a way to exercise your dog and target shoot at the same time? You may want to consider target shooting dog park.

Target shooting dog park is partnered with steel targets from  supplier of steel targets for shooting to provide a unique solution for gun owners who love dogs.


Dog parks are places for dogs to run around, exercise, and play with other dogs while their owners watch them. Dog parks vary depending on the location and who owns them. Nevertheless, they usually offer some common features, such as fences, benches for owners to sit on, water, shade for hot days, equipment for managing and removing animal waste, and maintenance people to clean the grounds. Dog parks can allow owners and their dogs to have a more interesting way to spend time with each other, as well as meet and socialize with other owners and their dogs.

Shooting Targets Park

Dogs Welcome To Shoot Targets

Taking your dog to a dog park can decrease behavior problems. Dogs, like humans, need an outlet where they can release their aggression and just enjoy themselves. Also, dog parks promote healthy dogs. Dogs that exercise are less likely to become overweight and experience health problems. Some people, however, do not like dog parks. People who live by dog parks complain about the traffic, the noise, and the smell that comes from them. After all, dogs can be loud and messy, especially when they are having fun.

They bark, growl and run around. Another issue is that many dog owners neglect to actually watch and supervise their dogs while they are playing. They may become distracted by talking with other dog owners. Others may treat dog parks like kennels and think that someone is watching and supervising their dog. Also, some animal experts argue that taking your dog to a dog park is not a proper substitute for taking your dog on a daily walk. More on the types of targets we shoot at here.

Many dog parks prohibit children from entering because it can be difficult for adults to watch both their dog and their children. Furthermore, children like dogs because they are cute and furry. Because of this, they often want to pet them. However, not all dogs like children. Dogs often become really aggressive if they are touched by people they do not know.

Nevertheless, some dog parks do allow children to enter if accompanied by an adult. All in all, dog parks are great for both dogs and their owners. Our park is different than most because we allow dog owners to shoot metal targets with their dogs. They give dogs a safe place to run around and have fun. If you own a dog then you should consider taking your dog to a dog park. It will make you a better owner and your dog will love you even more.

Optimist Park

1075 Ypres Boulevard, between Elsmere and Gladstone Avenues. View map »    
Between Walker Rd. and Howard Ave. (about 1km west of the Crysled plant) This new park has been sponsored by we sincerely appreciate your generous contribution to our park. Be sure to visit the guys they sell a variety of petsafe training solutions. Flexpetz continued support keeps our dog park open to the publick for free.logo


About our park

Mature oak trees, soft maple, white ash, walnut, red cedar, spruce, pine, basswood, wild cherry, witch hazel, thorn apple, elm, hickory, silver maple, and wild crab apple.

Fenced in designated off leash dog park. Lots of trees within; a few trails through them. Picnic tables and stainless steel bowls provided. Water available in washrooms (when open), no bags. Lots of shade. Small-dog zone coming 2010. Lots of parking at back of driveway. Public park; membership not required.

Ontario Dog Parks – A Great Place for Dogs

Ontario Dog ParksIf people need time to rest and enjoy their vacation, this is also applicable to dogs. There are places made for dogs where they can enjoy the view while having a stroll around the place. These are good to their health since they have a soothing and relaxing environment. Reservations can also be made so accommodations can be set. Dogs can also meet and socialize with other dogs just like people. They have the freedom here to do whatever they want since the place is made for them. Going to dog parks can be a great choice for dogs.

One of the best places to bring dogs to is the Ontario dog parks. It comes with a trail that is good for exercising dogs. Parks can be classified into different types depending on the place and activities they have set. Some parks have a wide playing ground for the dogs to play freely. This are made exclusively for them and for their pet owners to enjoy. Parks contains mostly of a grassy area that dogs love to roll over. Going to parks can help dogs to adopt with the environment and the people around. It’s a good way of training dogs to be familiar and friendly with other dogs.

The Ontario dog parks are a pet safe place where there are a lot of activities that dogs can enjoy. It gives freedom and opportunity to pets in enjoying the outdoor. The important thing that pet owners should remember in going to parks is to follow the rules and regulation. These are being implemented to have a peace and order on the place. There are also exemptions given to dogs if they are proven to be licensed and is complete with vaccination. They are given the opportunity to roam around in a designated place without a leash.

The facilities they have here are complete from bathrooms, play areas, beaches and many more. Everyone can suit themselves and enjoy the wonderful environment made for them and their pet. There are certain beaches now that dogs are allowed to enter. They can have a stroll on the sand or the boardwalk. Given this freedom dogs must wear leashes for the safety also of the people. The leash should not exceed 6 feet long. This is the required measurement for dogs to enter in these said parks. This park uses an underground dog fence wire system  provided by free of charge, owners must provide there own collars for the system can be purchased bypetsafe. If you have an invisible fence brand system, invisible fence compatible collars can be purchased from various on-line dog fence retailers.

There are areas that dogs are allowed without a leash and the only thing that owners have to do is to obey with the rules. This includes controlling their dog at all times. Dogs must set a good behavior in order to enjoy the freedom given to them. There is also a place where dogs can run and this area contains fence to keep them safe. Dogs are being encouraged to exercise here while playing. A drainage system has been made here and the lightings are complete to give the maximum service for both the owner and the dog. Having this place available is a great convenience to dogs. This gives them freedom and opportunity to enjoy the outdoors without restriction. With the Ontario dog parks this can be a good bonding moment to both the owner and the pet.

Scanlon Creek Bark Park

Located on Yonge Street, between 9th and 10th Line View map »    

Completely fenced in, off-leash dog park. Double gated to ensure your dog doesn’t escape. Tons of trees and shady areas, few benches, poop bag dispenser on site, and walking trails. Lots of parking nearby. Tons of articles about the park.

Also, tons of photos at

Grand opening celebrations

Article about the park

Wasage Bark Park

On Mosely Street, next to Oakview Woods View map »    

Wasaga Beach has a fully fenced leash-less park which includes a few obstacles for the dogs (tunnel, bridge and ramp), poop bags, and running water. There is plenty of parking. The park is at Oakview Woods beside the Recplex on Mosley Street just past the Superstore (on 45th).

Thornhill Regional Dog Park

Racco Parkway, Vaughan, ON View map »    
Off Duffering just south of the 407

Fully fenced, separate small dog area which is also fully fenced in, some poop bags avail. one picnic bench and one metal bench, water may be obtained from the adjoining public washrooms.

This is a new park so there are no trees and no shade. The ground cover has some prickly weeds, so paws must be checked.

This is a public park so entry is free. Plenty of parking available. Drive into the park gates and go twds the left.

Follow the road until the very end. The off leash area is down at the end of the sidewalk.

Hanna Park

Creswell Dr View map »    

The Quinte West Community Dog Park was founded by a number of volunteers and is based on the successful dog park in Belleville. It is located off Creswell Drive (the same street City Hall is located on) at Film Street in Hanna Park. The dog park is about two acres in size. There’s free admission at this off-lead, fenced dog park and donations are appreciated. Donations are put to use in the park,to maintain fencing and shelter and watering station. Water has been donated by Petes Water. We are pleased to announce a new small dog/puppy park ajacent to the large dog park.

Dog parks in Toronto

Great news! I have started a new website dedicated to dog parks in Toronto!

The new site is called Toronto Dog Parks ( and it already has a dozen parks reviewed with pictures and lots of details.

Visit Toronto dog parks to find info and pictures about off leash parks in the city.

Thunder Bay Dog Park

North end of Carrick Street. View map »    
The park is located on Carrick Street. Directions from the University are: Take Balmoral Street South towards the police station. Make a left on Central Avenue to Carrick Street. Make a LEFT on Carrick street (Kal-Tire is on the corner). The park is located at the end of the street with a gravel parking lot.

The off-leash park has been a great asset to dog owners in the city, as the only area where dogs can run off leash without worry of fines!

The park is not fenced in, but has natural fencing in terms of trees lining both sides. Dogs should have solid recall commands down as dogs can make it past the trees into the industrial area surrounding the park. Be aware that still water from rainwater collects on either side of the park which can be very messy for those dogs prone to water. Again, obedience training can come in quite handy with keeping your dogs clean when at the park!

The park has a pick up after your own pet policy. Please respect the park so we can all enjoy it!

Lions Club Dog Park

40038 Fingal Rd., St. Thomas, Ontario View map »
he park is located close to the intersection of Sunset Dr. (north-south) and Fingal Rd. (east-west) on the western end of St. Thomas, near the Jumbo Monument. It is open from dawn to dusk, and the parking lot has space for about 20 cars. Please note: the address on Google Maps is 40038 Fingal Rd., St. Thomas, Ontario, even though the street address is 25 Talbot. St. Directions from London, Ontario: Take Wellington Rd. South to St. Thomas/Port Stanley about 16 km all the way to Talbot St.. Cross Talbot St. at the light and the road turns into Sunset Dr. (County Rd. 4) and go straight a short distance to the next light underneath a railway trestle, which is Fingal Rd. At Fingal Rd. turn left (east), and go up a small hill which will be toward the Jumbo Monument. About halfway up the small hill you will find the entrance and parking lot to the park on your left.

The Lions Club Dog Park in St. Thomas, Ontario is a new 4 1/2 acre off leash dog park created in December ’09. It is maintained by the City of St. Thomas and the St. Thomas Dog Owners Association (STDOA). It is fully fenced except on the creek side where the fencing will be completed in late May 2010. It utilizes the “Old Talbot Road” at the entrance of the park (see photo) and then meanders off the end of the road and trails into the park through the woods. There is a small clearing area in about the center of the park where the dogs romp and play. People can then carry on up a fairly steep climb back up to the entrance or go back the way they came. At the present time, there is not a separate area for small dogs.

There are poop bag containers throughout, a first aid kit, water is usually available, small trash cans scattered about and an assortment of stumps and trees to sit on. The park is still a work in progress having been open only a few months. For myself, a group member, it doesn’t give me “the stretch” I like when walking a dog, but the overall feel of the park is peaceful and delightful to visit. More information than can be related here is found on the website at, or you can email